Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Interesting, Good, Funny, Dumb: More Randomalia

Interesting discovery: though both The Onion and her AV sister purport to publish on Wednesdays, the latter actually puts up new content by midday Tuesday. (Yeah, I know -- I'm a satire addict. But Savage Love always rocks, and check out the Lou Barlow and Jon Wurster interviews this week!)

Good news: Darcie fielded a phone call today notifying me that I've won two tickets for this summer's Green River Festival. I had totally forgotten about the seven-for-five raffle tickets purchased at the Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem show a few weekends ago, though now that I think of it, I do remember buying them primarily because no one else had bought any, and I felt sorry for the guy selling them. Now I get to see them again, plus Donna the Buffalo, Gillian Welch, Hot Tuna and more, for the cost of gas and maybe a spot of ice cream from the Herrell's magic bus. Yay me!

Funniest thing I've read in weeks: Beloit College Mindset List: 1918, Adam Underhill's historical parody (via McSweeney's) of those yearly email memes which remind us that kids entering college today don't know what wax lips are, and that they don't know what a Smurf is, and they don't know that Paul McCartney was ever in another band besides the Beatles, and that (supposedly) this is all really, really, sad and funny, because, you know, we're old and they're not.

Also, I am dumb. What, you've got a better word to describe a guy who walks the fifteen minutes home from the dining hall after chairing a Professional Development Committee meeting, walks in the door hoping for a quick little girl kiss before dorm duty, and only then realizes that the car's still in the dining hall lot -- which he should have realized sooner, because he's been jiggling his car keys in his pocket the whole way home? I was late for duty, and, as I didn't have time to grab laundry in my mad dash through the house, will have to go to work naked again tomorrow. Gee, the students should really love that.

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