Thursday, May 20, 2004

Gmail For Sale 

Everybody wants a Gmail account; ownership during the beta phase is apparently "the in thing" for the chic geek a-lister wannabe. Partially, that's because the interface is as clean as google, and you get a gig of hard drive space. Mostly, though, it's because Gmail is new and mysterious, and not everybody can get in on the ground floor -- you have to be invited, and, among the digirati, it seems invitations are few and far between.

Demand is so high that folks on eBay are bidding over the $41 dollar mark. And have look at the cool stuff people have bartered for their Gmail invites over at gmail swap, where, if you have an unused invite, you too could find a swapper and make a deal! (Having someone deny themself "self-pleasure" for 40 days and nights is already taken -- sorry, folks -- but as of blog press time you could still swap a Gmail invite for the entire Sports Night series on CD-R, a phone call with a pure-bred Englishman, $40 paypal, and a pic of rockergirl bending over in thong.)

I'm not going to be left out in the cold on this one, though -- for once, blogger came through, giving long-time users of this Gmail sister company (Google owns both) a one-time-only free account. I figured I'd scoop mine up while the getting was good, so feel free to help me christen my new gmail by sending me a congratulatory note. Alternately, feel free to write and tell me how stupid I was for not trading it in for

- an inflatable penguin,
- my name in a cinema's in-house movie trailer,
- DNA encoded with my name,
- a custom made bondage Barbie/Ken,
- 20 love letters from "Rachel" and a gamecube game,
- $15,000 in student debt and a DVD-R of mp3s,
- an insider's pass to the Calgary Stampede,
- an extraordinary, divinely blessed papier-mache penis, with a recording of the gods' benediction,

or any of the other most recent niftiest swaps.

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