Thursday, May 13, 2004

Collaborative Blogging
sushiesque rocks the bloggiverse

Newly crowned librarian Sushiesque has had a wonderful idea: a make your own Sushiesque post mad lib exercise. Here's what I had her do today:
Christine dreamed that she was forced to join a librarian polo league. She awoke to find that her hair was surprisingly humid but looked okay anyhow. She threw on some black corduroys and a Mel Torme t-shirt that she'd found discarded in a dorm laundry room at Texas Institute of Technology and headed out.

At the library, Christine "relocated" a number of bound periodicals (which had formerly been shelved by title) into call number order. She took a break to get a bottle of firewater and read Not All Who Wander Are Lost. Christine got lunch at the Liliputian-food truck on Avenue Louis Pasteur, and then went back to the basement to squirt all elenteen volumes of the Vaticanian Journal of Pickled Egg Studies. She found a shelf whose underside was adorned with two five six separate, differently-colored wads of chewing gum. By 1 p.m., she was begrudgingly covered in dust and ready to go home.

Christine spent the evening putting every poison ivy she owns into boxes. She decided to skip the end-of-semester party even though it'd been moved to the roof of the gymnateria. She ate the last of the fried bologna omelet left in the freezer while watching the Daily Show.

Think you can do better? Why not try it yourself? Don't forget to let Christine know if she did anything "exciting."

(By the way, what I like about Texas Institute of Technology is how the sweatshirt acronym reads. Oh, and two five six is my daughter's word for a whole lot.)

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