Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Codeswitching: A Delicious Mess 

With apologies aforethought to the less-than-geeky, a mini-technorant: for some reason, the del.icio.us RSS feed has begun to identify itself in Chinese to Feedroll's RSS viewer; you can see the results to the right under tinyblog. The timing sucks -- I've been working on my department webpage from home, desperate to make an end-of-term deadline, and I was hoping to set up a similar structure with these two tools in tandem to enrich the home page.

Rather than figure out how to mediate the aggregator-to-feed with some as-yet-only-imagined babelfish filter, I'm thinking it's time to learn to write xml -- and stop depending on start-up third-party service providers for spot code and "extras." Any recs for a good teach-yerself-xml resource?

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