Friday, May 07, 2004

And That's No Lie

Alex found a good one: a Cornell study that explores tendencies towards falsehood across various media, ultimately determining that students lie less in email than they do in person, and ... lie most on the phone. Neat stuff, social science.

I wonder if the extent to which organic use engenders basic cross-media literacies over time is itself measurable? If the factors are truly isolatable? Knowing how much experience -- and how much of what other factors, too -- equals just how much literacy would allow an exponential formalization of media literacy curricular integration strategies, tied to age and development, and other socio-cultural factors.

In entirely related news, tomorrow afternoon I once again begin a rash of post-midterm 2 day media literacy units in the 9th grade Health classes here at NMH. They've managed to squeeze me in between sexuality and drugs & alcohol, and I think I've got just the segue...

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