Saturday, April 03, 2004

Your Tuition Dollars At Work

I've just spent four hours sitting in the dorm solarium surfing the digiverse (and wishing I had my IE bookmarks with me) for what works out to about $3.25 an hour, and that's before tax-and-benefits (let's see, a teacher's salary divided by a 65 hour workweek...yeah, that's about right). I guess if you're going to do nothing, getting paid accordingly is only fair, though.

Saturday duty gets pretty boring, especially when all the good open houses and parties are on the other campus. I washed some button-down shirts in the faculty washer, a serious benefit since the school won't pay to pipe the water in (and waste out) of our own third-floor afterthought of an apartment off campus, and nobody noticed when I snuck out for a mess 'o wings at the snack bar. A few of my charges have been swearing loudly at the Duke/UConn game in the next room for the last hour or so, but it's been otherwise dead.

Soon the kids will start streaming in, flush with hormones and ready to sign in for the evening, while I scan their faces ineffectually, searching for the usual indicators of inebriation I never seem to find: red eyes, slurred speech, and general stupidity. Then one more hour and I can go home to a nice empty house -- Darcie's housesitting with the baby up in Brattleboro while her parents attend a wedding in upstate NY. Added bonus: she took the dog with her. Hoorah for a night without the usual blurry post-midnight dogwalk. It's the little things that make the world beautiful.

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