Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Under De/con/struction

A day off for quick D and C surgery with Darcie, a nap with the baby, and that new Jim Carrey movie at the mall cinema, the one with the big comfy chairs and all the leg room; this, a mysterious urge to write a decent Vilanelle, and a procrastination-potential pile plentiful enough to push and postpone in desperation all rational thought, and what am I doing?

Figuring out how to get my delicious tinyblog to roll over into the links list below like a well-trained puppy, in hopes of providing a sidebar contantly updating all viewers on the websites I save and crave.

Please excuse our appearance while we work together to make NAWWAL your blog-on-the-go / the place to be / the bee's knees / all that and a side of chips. Because I know your life just wasn't complete without knowing what I bookmarked today.

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