Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Three Cheers For Media Studies!

Hooray for David Gauntlett, who is a professor of -- get this -- Media and Audiences, hooray for theory.org, which I used last term to teach marxist and feminist thought, and hooray for EdTechUK for pointing to a verycool newly webbed project Gauntlett did with schoolchildren and native media, and thereby helping me rediscover theory.org, in all its playful and theoretical splendor.

Because without all of that, there would never have been a Random Course Generator in my life today. And if there had never been a Random Course Generator, not only would there have been much less laughter, I'd also never have created a course which
...will explore the semiology of postmodern media and its influence upon public concerns about gun fights in films by means of torturous over-analysis, and guesswork. Some carefully trained postgraduates will be stylish and, if they manage to complete this module, students will be slightly arrogant.
The module is worth 20 credits and is assessed by an Olympic decathlon event. Is it wrong to wish I could teach it?

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