Sunday, April 04, 2004

Political Correctness Wins Out Again

"I've never cared much for princesses..."

The book made national news two weeks ago when a single set of concerned parents called the school to demand a response when their daughter brought the book home. Now a North Carolina school has decided that King & King will be "locked up," and from now on "be available only to adults in [the] elementary school's library."

It goes without saying, but it should be said: that one set of parents could make such a difference in a school's worth of children's lives is a condemnation of us all. It's not enough to stand by and click our tongues. If the total breadth of loving sexuality is to be truly normalized in society, then we cannot let the PC-mongers win. Tolerance is a halfway mark; what we're really going for is our due privacy in private, aren't we?

In this case, if love is to be love, and all sexualities equally natural and precious, then we cannot also go about pretending that heterosexual relationships should or could be any more or less threatening or explicit than homosexual relationships without being hypocritical. Period.

I'd give this book to my child, and gladly. But more, I want her to be able to pick it up as easily as any other book, goddam it. How dare you marginalize both my daughter's potential and my right to let her take it on herself?

Want to help? Buy this book, or advance order the even more highly recommended but not yet released Jack and Jim, and donate them to your local library now.

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