Sunday, April 18, 2004

Oh, For Blog's Sake

In case it wasn't really, really clear from the way I presented it, I'd like to point out to Jeff Sharlet and others that I was stimulated, excited, energized, and just generally happy with EVERY session, EVERY interaction, and even the brainstorming-in-the-car aftermath of BloggerCon. I just decided that the notes I took on the sessions themselves were content-based enough that posting them would be a hundred times redundant, what with the same gontent going up on other blogs live during the 'con, so instead I decided to track and then later blog about some trivia-laden nuts-and-bolts social and institutional observations about the conference itself, not the content of the sessions.

Given that, any list item in the below entry is in no way intended as a commentary on the value or lack thereof of any particular session or interaction (with the exception of one cool blogtitle, and two subjectively interesting statements I was especially taken with).

If you are Jeff or you have been sent here via him somehow, please look here before vilifying me. As someone posited in the Blogging in Academia session (like the Religion session, a highly stimulating session where I blogged no ConStats but took a whole slew of personal notes): If I'm going to get called out for something I put in my blog, I want to make sure it's something I'm willing to put my reputation on the line for. And this unfortunate misunderstanding isn't it.

Any questions?

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