Friday, April 23, 2004

Hit Me With Your Best Shot
or, Wanderers Not Clear On The Concept

  • lost josh

  • peacoat prep school

  • statistic+people+tunisi

  • spirit that bends leg toys

  • Give me a mosh Buddy icon

  • "summer - boys" - quotations

  • pix of all kinds of car in nigeria

  • artsy updated women's clothing

  • L L Cool J commercial gatorade video

  • voice immodulation is a real problem

  • pictures of tuxedos for prom ages 13 to 14 in juneau

  • Poem Cappuccino With knowledge of death and drinking it slowly

  • what was the answer to the bonus puzzle on thursday april 22's wheel of fortune (unsurprisingly, I'm the only hit for this dumbass query string)

  • Incidentally poetic list courtesy of 48 hours worth of surfers most in need of a tutorial. Meanwhile, I need an editor, or some people just need a spellchecker.

    On the other hand, it totally rocks that I'm the first google result for sonnets about bologna sandwiches, even if I haven't written any yet.

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