Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Health Update

Arthritic knees, a souveneir of an orthroscopic surgery and drainage back when I ran full-tilt into a marble turnstile while responding to an emergency radio call at the Museum of Science, Boston. Knotted neck from an adult lifetime of overlong horsemane hair -- a mane which pulls out headaches from my scalp in the humidity, and after showers or rain. Bad back, both the traditional spine-base swell of twinged fire that worsens with the flu and fevers, and a second surely unrelated shining steel muscle cramp just above my kidneys for no reason at all. Chronic athlete's foot (don't ask). Low limbic awareness, a.k.a. a tendency towards bashing one's limbs and bits into walls and when rounding corners. Blocked eustacian tubes. I live in a constant state of mild discomfort, and doesn't everybody?

But where a return of last year's shingles would have been restricted to a band of skin and nerve tissue, the new rash, a sure product of stress, has spread everywhere. A wide red-scratched "V" just under my left shirtcuff; on the right side of my neck, and the shoulder below; inside both knees, right where I can rub them together for relief when I am walking: each new viral garden pushed up from the skin in clusters like the garden daffodils, growing over days and hours from pink bumps with white-dot dots like distant showcapped fleshmountains.

I am very itchy.

Does anyone have any sudafed, or cortizone cream?

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