Saturday, April 10, 2004

Banned Children's Books

Bookbanning takes a memetic turn this week, flaring up after a long dormant period (hey, sounds like my shingles, which have also made a comeback this week). As a follow-up to our mutually blogged discussion about King & King -- a book which I've just ordered for my own school library in a fit of anti-PC pique -- kiddielit celebrant Jeffrey of Safe as Bunnies has found us:

1. A woman less than 100 miles from here who wants to ban James and the Giant Peach from her local library because one character calls another "an idiot."

2. An editorial discussion about Judy Blume's appropriateness for 12 year olds.

So nice to find someone similarly minded. Jeffrey will surely join the blogroll, or at least the tinyblog, as soon as I go rescue the baby from her post-nap crying jag.

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