Monday, April 19, 2004

And I Was There
Incestuous Blogging About BloggerCon

A quick egosurf on technorati shows two new (and complimentary) mentions of yours truly in the blogosphere. I'm glad Daniel thought so highly of me, and especially proud of this A-lister mention, even though it's buried in a heck of a long post about the Journalism conference. Thanks, also, to the eminently cool Jeff Sharlet for a) being so nice about my contribution immediately following his in that same session, and b) being so self-flagellent and un-A-list-ish about this, which (I promise, Jeff) will get no more mention here at NAWWAL.

I'm damn proud of my two mentions, really. Not sure if that's sad or what. Notably, a similar technorati-check for, say, BloggerCon host Dave Winer only reinforces the truth of Shirky's Power Law -- a topic, incidentally, heavily featured at today's excellent NERCOMP workshop in Middlebury, about which I intend to blog more later tonight. And, as if we needed more proof I'm no A-lister, I didn't even make the Liloia list.

[UPDATE 6:19 p.m.: though it doesn't seem to have hit technorati, Velveteen Rabbi also mentions my contribution to the Religion session. See, Jeff -- we really did get a lot out of all your hard work and coordination.

Also, I'm in the crowd in a few photoblogs, most notably just about dead center in the first six or seven pix here, thanks to Dan Bricklin. Can you spot me? Hint: I'm wearing a maroon mock turtleneck, and I have really long hair.]

[UPDATE 7:36 p.m.: Though I'm not on it yet, thanks to the aforementioned Liloia list, I've found Jack and a few others mentioning my comment at the Journalism session as well, a notation in the midst of some otherwise-anonymous-comments and A-list namedrops which serves the ego most happily.]

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