Sunday, April 25, 2004

All In The Family

With the students gone on a long parents weekend, and a dining hall brunch with Darcie's extended family now past, Sunday finds me in a rare moment of quiet amidst a weekend of familial visits and obligations. Here's what's been happening, and should happen:

Yesterday up to Brattleboro for a visit with the in-laws; baby's auntie Alicia and her long-time fiance Matt drove in from lower Connecticut for the weekend. Had pulled pork and corn bread at the local pit, finally open for the long warm season; returned to the house. The baby blew soap bubbles and got sand in her cuffs.

Darcie's mother was concerned about our winter-bald tires, so while Alicia stayed up for some solo time with her parents, Matt and I dropped Willow and Darcie off at the house for a nap and headed down to BJs for a quick tire change.

Afterwards, a Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem concert at Indoor Action, a local air-supported, astro-turfed cavern with surprisingly good acoustics. The baby danced and chased the other neighborhood kids and seemed perfectly happy long past her bedtime. Microbrew beer on blankets on the fake lawn made me long for the summerfolk festival scene; luckily, it's not so far away after all.

Home, after late night ice cream and Iron Chef; Alicia and Matt stayed over with their pug, Bruno. Farm this morning, where Matt took plenty of pix of the kid and the cow, and bought a half gallon of student-produced syrup, a half-year's worth of pancake topping.

Then back to the house quick: Darcie's parents again, now on their way to an overnight Cape Cod vacation, and the addition of Darcie's bother Josh and his long-timer Clay. Brunch, and some quality time with the baby on the swingset while the others ate: I'm happy to report that my little girl is happily sliding down the big slide by herself at 21 months, though she seems to prefer throwing rocks on the plastic to actually riding it.

And now the sun streams in the open windows on the breeze like a bottle genie, opening my heart to Spring. The great outdoors calls: get thee behind me, blog! Back tomorrow, then: we're at Darcie's parent's house overnight dogsitting the St. Bernard; with a little luck, I'll be able to stave off my allergies for a good long time.

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