Sunday, April 18, 2004

After The Con

Bloggercon was as wonderful and stimulating as yesterday's conference was boring. Figuring the bloggiverse doesn't really need more than a hundred subjective recaps of the same damn conference, I logged the day on paper in list form. Though exhausted, my lower back throbbing from a day in and out of the ergonomically worst classrooms I've ever experienced, here's the stats while they're still fresh:

National Anthem / Intro Session
Dave Winer
Pound 200

# Candidates for Song of Bloggercon: 7
  1. Brandy You're A Fine Girl

  2. Charlie on the MTA

  3. Meet the Mets

  4. Take Me Out to the Ballgame

  5. Yankees Suck

  6. Purple Haze

  7. Wipeout (drum solo only)

# Songs actually sung: 2 (Take Me Out to the Ballgame, The Star Spangled Banner)

# Songs accompanied by accordian: 1 1/2

# EFF hats: 2

# Hats: 3

# Program change announcements by Dave Winer: 3
  1. Intro session moved to Pound 200, but you knew that already.

  2. Session on Personal TV Networks replaced by session on Multimedia and Blogging due to moderator illness.

  3. New John Perry Barlow session added, assuming John Perry Barlow shows up.

Gender Ratio, expressed as Males to Females: 3:2

Participants wifi blogging during the intro session: 40%

What is Journalism?
Jay Rosen
Pound 201

# Items lited on the blackboard at the beginning of the session: 5
  1. The Two Tribes

  2. Blogging --> Journalism

  3. Journalism --> Blogging

  4. Bloggers and Journalists interacting

  5. What do we want?

# Windows open on projected windows desktop: 4
  1. IRC chat (for virtual participants)

  2. MSN Search with preview (for finding relevant sites quickly)

  3. Ever-changing IE window (for showing the blog of whomever is speaking or, occasionally, the site that is the subject of discussion at a given moment)

  4. Unknown

# Live webcasts: 1

# Chat participants also physically in the room: 2

# People raising their hands at any given time: 5

Best definition of journalism: "Making the world clear in a way people care about"

Jessica Baumgart
Pound 202

# Session attendees: 35

# Librarians: 22

# Librarians who blog for their libraries: 2

Best idea of the session: adding librarians to class blogs

Blogs mentioned as examples:
Lunch Break

  • Christine, a.k.a. the marvelous Sushiesque

  • Sally, Harvard Law Manuscript Librarian

  • Austen, kiddie talent handler

  • Another of Christine's friends whose name I can't remember

  • Bernhard the Swissblogger

  • Me

Tip left by confused but generous group after giving up on trying to split the check evenly: 22%

Blogging in Academia
Michael Watkins
Pound 202

# list-type things noted: 0

Blogs mentioned as examples: Minutes spent discussing Blogs in education and teaching with four other edubloggers after the session: 11

Jeff Sharlet
Pound 201

Time I stopped writing this stuff down: 3:04

# Minutes early session ended: about 30

Extraneous Stats

# Rules cited: 2
  1. No metadiscussion

  2. No advertising

# Movies cited: 1
  1. Gangs of New York

Coolest blogtitle: Velveteen Rabbi

# Business cards distributed: 9

# Business cards received: 5

# Friends made: Many

Cost of parking ticket: $15

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