Wednesday, April 21, 2004

31 Flavors And Then Some, Redux


Whip out your calendars, folks: it's time for everyone's favorite annual event, the National Competitive Ice Cream Giveaway!

Just like last year, both Ben and Jerry's and Baskin Robbins have announced that they'll be giving away free kiddie-sized cones or cups to anyone who walks in to their chains next week. Best of all, they're doing this on consecutive days, so hit your favorite Ben and Jerry's location for a free scoop on Tuesday the 27th, and then hop on over to Baskin Robbins on Wednesday the 28th for a second helping.

(Oh yeah, and they're both using the giveaways to raise social consciousness about something: Ben and Jerry's wants you to register to vote, and they're also giving away some cool mac stuff; Baskin Robbins is trying to get you to support literacy in little kids. But who cares, really, about politics or literacy? Damn the disenfranchised -- let them eat ice cream!)

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