Thursday, March 25, 2004

We Regret To Announce

Five in-no-particular reasons why there will be no blog entry today here at Not All Who Wander Are Lost:

1. I'm all blogged out after doing intensive instructional sessions about blogging with a) the Video as Art class, who will be using their group blog to post and comment on film reviews throughout the term, and b) the two teachers leading the new ESL Tapestry trip across the country this term, who will use their group blog to post student journals and pix from the road. [note: both blogs are currently empty, and the latter may be subject to some design-play over the next few weeks before the kids hit the road, so don't forget to come back to check on their progress!]

2. I seem to have pinched a nerve just under my kidneys, and it hurts like hell to sit, stand, move, or otherwise exist. No luck with usual cure-all Alleve, either. What the heck does my body have against me, anyway?

3. Since I started using my delicious tinyblog as a remaindered links repository, it just doesn't seem useful to re-blog the same stuff here. Future plans here include the possibility of syndicating that delicious linkslist in the sidebar, but though I can find plenty of sites showing how to syndicate your own site, I can't find any good teach-yourself-RSS resources that will show me what code to use to integrate a syndication into a blog sidebar. Proactively speaking, I think, it seems like a noble pursuit to first figure out a better balance between blogging here and blogging there, rather than collapse 'em in too quick, so maybe the code-bother is a hidden blessing. Worth noting, too, that the first blogs were more like that than this; someone got from there to here, so we can assume it can be done, and organically so. The subjective question at hand, in a nutshell: what is the role of the popcult reflection when you've sidebarred your links?

4. Utterly exhausted from supervising the dancing of, at final tally, seven kids under the age of five in a corner of the dining hall while the rest of the quote-grown-ups-end-quote planned for this year's big idea: the wee-one passover seder, a concept with the potential to be either really awesome or just a terrible horrible no good very bad day for all. Happily, Darcie reports that the other parents seemed pretty impressed with my kidcare, specifically that fine balance between play and watchfulness. It's good to know that, if I can't find a job in my field next year, I can always go back to teaching preschool, and love it.

5. I suck. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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