Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Time Keeps On Slipping
Four Days In Boston

Before it's gone in the mindhaze of spring break's final countdown days, a recap of the otherwise-unblogged Boston trip, in shortform:

  • Left home at 9:30 to drop off dog at in-laws in Brattleboro.

  • Swung back home at 10:30 sans dog to pick up daughter (20 months) and spouse (none of your damn business).
  • Arrived at parents house in Newton, Massachusetts around noon.

  • Lunch with parents, sister at new dim sum place in Newton Center.

  • Willow naps, relaxation all around.

  • Trip into town to visit indoor fountains at father's office building and adjacent mall. What can I say -- the kid loves them.

  • Takeout pulled pork and ribs while my parents go out.

  • Quiet evening at home

  • Sleep relatively late.

  • Date with Darcie: brunch, used babyclothes shopping, and a pleasant visit to the Harvard Natural History and Anthropology museums. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad take the baby to a farm.

  • Naps all around.

  • Brazillian food rocks.

  • Quiet evening, etc.

  • Children's Museum, first with just us, and later joined by my parents from their respective workplaces. Clam chowder and lobster roll following in The Barking Crab.

  • Naps, of course. I think I sat on the hardwood living room floor and listened to my father's CDs.

  • Italian food at a tiny local gourmet kind of place, with parents, wife-and, and Darcie's brother, who lives and works nearby until his lease runs out in May. It was going to be Sushi, but hardly anything's open on Mondays. I know why that is -- most people and most restaurants need a day off after the weekend rush -- but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

  • Oh, and a random guy came up to me as we were leaving the restaurant and complimented me on my parenting. The word he used was fabulous. Take that, doubt and un-self-confidence!
And yesterday we left early to avoid the snow, but not before spending a couple of hours with Willow in the overcorded and overpriced New England Horticultural Society Flower and Landscaping Show or something pretentious like that. Nice garden displays, but seventeen bucks for an hour's worth of glacial crowds and a few interesting uses of driftwood and floating concrete patios is a bit much.

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