Friday, March 26, 2004

Smarter Heads Than I...

As a pre-posted follow-up to my notation below that blogs evolved into what we know them as now from a sort of annotated links list, Alex discusses/has been discussing the way blogs have come to be defined across a full spectrum of collaborative web publishing as a technology and a practice: blogging has grown as a phenomenon, it has become clear that part of what makes a weblog is whether and in what ways it is linked to other weblogs. ... This focus on the aggregate nature of weblogs begins to indicate that blogs are more than simply a genre of web content, they represent a social practice. Restricting the definition to purely a description of the web sites generated is difficult because it misses so much. The only seemingly vital element of weblogging is a public forum (the World Wide Web) in which bloggers are able to associate and self-assemble into groups. The attraction to weblogging has less to do with the software involved and more to do with the kinds of social groups that emerge from interactions among weblogs and their authors. These practices provide for serendipitous, unstructured learning, as differing perspectives and discourses come into contact with one another.
I'm looking forward to the rest of this multi-part post, Alex.

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