Saturday, March 20, 2004

The iPod Winamp Shuffle

An meme making the rounds a few months ago asked participants to hit shuffle on their iPod and blog the first ten songs that came up, no matter how embarassing. I've got no iPod, and no reason to listen to music by headphone, but today's at-lunch Winamp session with Willow brought up a prototypical list; here, without further ado, are today's random twelve:

1. Rusted Root -- Send Me On My Way
2. Keller Williams -- Wishing I had You (live)
3. Ren & Stimpy -- Log
4. Sarah McLachlan -- Angel
5. Mark Erelli -- The Only Way (live)
6. Deb Talan -- Two Points (live)
7. Phish -- Sample In A Jar (live)
8. Wayfaring Strangers -- High On A Mountain
9. Acoustic Syndicate -- Crazy Town (live)
10. Howard Jones -- What Is Love (live and unplugged)
11. Donna The Buffalo -- If You Only Could (live)
12. String Cheese Incident -- The Harder They Come (live)

Not a bad random sampling out of a 40 hour playlist, actually. Fringe jambands, bluegrass, folk, pop culture, and a token cheesy eighties song just about covers the range, though if we let it go on long enough you'd surely see some Fugazi, Nirvana, and De La Soul start creeping in. And all 2.5 gigs of it are legally owned. The RIAA's got nothin' on me, man.

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