Thursday, March 18, 2004 Dish

I'm beginning to love It functions as a kind of personalized popdex, and has some wonderfully simple but effective semantics (in a real environment, we'd just say it is ergonomically sound, and I'm starting to think we should). Plus, my Internet Explorer Favorites list was getting unweildy.

I'm also beginning to use it as a kind of shortcomment blog. While I code a tinyblog permalink for the sidebar, check out these two recent finds:

1. Parents angered by book about gay princes. Child brings book home from school library. Horrified parents decide to keep the book until they are assured it won't be circulated, thus wresting/declaring de facto veto power over the entire school for any single concerned person. End result sure to be Puritan Totalitarianism or, worse, Self-Righteous Anarchy.

School librarian says she hasn't read the book yet.

2. SimpleBits | SimpleQuiz is...well...damn. Just...the end all be all of semantic socio-communal negotiation and resolution, set up as a quiz about html semantics. It's newfiction, a hypertext blognovel, the groupmind producing poetry. Can't believe I never hit it before.

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