Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Woah...Is It Really Wednesday?

Then it must be time for another thoughtstarter from my second-favorite meme, which today asks: What's on your computer desk right now?

Only problem is, technically speaking, I have no computer desk. I have a desk -- covered, mostly, in piles of books and cheesy bangladeshi snacks -- but because the only place the cable could come in was all the way at the other end of the house, I blog on a laptop at the dining room table. Still, here's what's on the table:
  • Yet another set of yearbook proofs.

  • Today's mail: my contract, Darcie's favorite clothing store catalog, and some diaper coupons from Huggies. Also an opened phone bill and a reminder notice from the hearing clinic, both recieved yesterday.

  • A half-full box of organic cashews, an empty bottle Starbucks Mocha Frappucino lowfat coffee drink, and an empty dish of source-unknown crumbs.

  • Four thin rose-colored taper candles that Darcie's mother gave us for Valentine's Day.

  • Three half-melted sampler-sized Yankee Candle candles of assorted scents.

  • A much-reused video tape labeled "West Wing / ER / Monk" which actually contains two episodes of Ex-treme Dating.

  • A small bottle of Baby Bee Apricot Baby Oil.

  • A mostly-full bottle of patchouli Kiss My Face lotion wrapped in a plastic supermarket bag.

  • A take-out bag of leftover mu shu beef, sesame chicken, and rice.

  • Two dead flashlights.

  • A small rectangle of purple sponge.

There's a story behind every item. I'm just too tired to tell it. Plus, now I have to clean the table.

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