Saturday, February 14, 2004

My Funny Valentine

A French Perfume, but, really, what's in a name?

Bought flowers for my wife and daughter yesterday evening before chaperoning a school 3 on 3 intermural basketball tournament: sweet-smelling fresia, a single pinktipped French Perfume rose for Darcie in among the baby's breath, a balloon for Willow. This morning while I slept late they went grocery shopping; when I awoke I was presented with a half-sized laundry basket (red, of course) filled to the brim with the tidbits I love best:
  • Entenmann's chocolate frosted doughnuts

  • Regular potato chips, unruffled and unflavored

  • A box of Slim Jims

  • Pepperidge Farm Mini Brussels cookies

  • Cashews whole and cashew Poppycock

  • A four-pack of Starbucks Mocha Frappucinos

  • Sobe Green Tea

  • Corned Beef Hash

  • Dinty Moore Beef Stew

  • Spongebob Squarepants Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner

  • Assorted fave candybars: Baby Ruth, Mounds, Reese's Sticks, and a bar of Cadbury Dark
Also a stainless steel thermos mug, a coffee grinder, and a couple of unread Patricia Cornwell novels featuring Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Washington D.C. Chief Medical Examiner. Darcie said she just went to the store and bought everything I always lingered over. Too cool.

This is what I wanted for Valentine's Day, really: nothing to do and the girls napping early, a silent house as the day reaches its zenith; fresh ground coffee, plenty of snacks and a book full of two-dimensional silences and unapproachable rage. Thanks, girls. I love you, too.

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