Wednesday, February 04, 2004

And This Time, I Mean It

What's On your "I'll never do that again" list Right Now?

I will never again... get within six inches of a surge protector in a third world country, especially a Bangladesh school library.

I will never again... roll over and go back to sleep because "it's only a little nosebleed."

I will never again... order the "volcano" wings.

I will never again... push down on the scale to see if it will break.

I will never again... raise my hand to speak in a room full of my teaching peers. Even if what I thought I had to say was going to make sense before I said it. If you know what I mean.

I will never again... refer to the "the stink of IT," especially when talking to my boss, the head of IT.

I will never again... get so carried away in a lecture that I tell an entire class of students that the guy who wrote Lord of the Flies is the same guy who wrote The Princess Bride.

I will never again... take the car key off the key ring, because, man, was that stupid -- now I'll have to send the VIN number to the company or something -- hey, does anyone know what you do if you've lost the only key to your car? And we'll have to share the other car, which means lots of confusion and fights and waiting for rides in cold lobbies.

I will never again... make love to anyone but my wife. I've been thinking about that for some reason lately. Not in a bad or creepy way, mind you. Just...thinking about it.

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