Friday, January 30, 2004

The Peoples' Evening: Why I Love It Here

Payday today, and a long weekend ahead; flush-feeling and free (and hungry) brought us to a meet-up with younger sis-in-law and boyfriend Ryan at the most child-friendly microbrew bar and local/organic grill in town.

Greenfield, MA haunt The People's Pint specializes in a cozy hardwood atmosphere and a mean Pale Ale, but we go as much for the food itself. Tonight: the usual homemade local sausage quesadila with salsa sour cream, warm chips, and the cajun catfish special, a spicy slab with cucumber dressing and sides of rough-hewn local cornbread, coarse-chopped slaw, and candied sweet potatoes.

Afterwards a homebrew champagne hard cider back at the house, uncorked clear and crisp from its unlabeled well-kept bottle in the back of the fridge. Distilled two doors down by the head of the History Department from the unpasterized raw-press cider served in the school dining halls, made on the school farm, pressed from the Macs and Spys and Cortlands and other sundries grown on the school orchard, it's the best cider I've had. Period.

Have I mentioned it's been three years since I've eaten any maple syrup more than 15 miles from where it was made? Mmmm...pancakes.

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