Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Darcie threw her back out yesterday. Just one of those "bent over the wrong way" moments. She kicked me out of bed for it so she didn't have to keep bending over the baby to nurse in the night.

I slept on the couch.

And with my ears still seriously blocked up -- as if I had my fingers hard in my ears all the time -- I slept right through the alarm this morning. [Thanks to Darcie for waking me up, albeit with less than a half hour to iron, dress, make-and-drink coffee, and the other usual sundries.]

Tore my shirt pocket trying to smooth it down; decided to wear a vest over it.

Car got stuck in last night's ice; I had to run upstairs and rouse everyone, then push while Darcie sat behind the wheel in a nightgown, the baby strapped in her carseat for no reason other than where the heck else would she go?

Lucky today was a late-start class. Unluckily, the kids seem to have forgotten everything over the break, including their homework, and the brightest girl in the class was absent. With my ears blocked up I feel like I have voice-immodulation syndrome (c.f. SNL); I hope I didn't yell at them too quietly.

Similar problems guest-lecturing in a health class (Media Literacy as a cultural health issue): too many rowdy freshmen, and I have no idea if they could even hear me.

The computer's got a virus and keeps shutting down on me; it took three tries to get the Florida pix from the camera to the now-corrupted hard drive; the wireless router screwed up the cable modem connection so much I don't know where to begin.

I think I have a fever.

We'll try again tomorrow, I guess. I WILL get those pix up this time, and do some backblogging about Florida, I WILL. I'd say "if it kills me," but after today, I'm taking no chances.

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