Monday, January 19, 2004

Monday Mosh: The Half-a-Loaf Edition

They're cutting my school in half by September of 2005. I only managed to grade half the papers I needed to today. I had half an Aleve before media center proctoring duty tonight, but it wasn't half enough to kill the backpain. I've got half a mind to throw in the memtowel, since I get so many hits but so few moshparticipants these days; if only half of you actually participated, it'd be worth it. Todays memetheme:

Mosh to half a song.

Any half will do.

How To Monday Mosh:

Dance around just 'cause it's Monday, and answer three questions in your blog or in the comments below, leaving us a link so we know you were here:

1. What song did you mosh to?
2. What did you step on / bump into? (Bonus points for breakage)
3. Why did you stop?

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