Sunday, January 04, 2004

It's Been One Week Since You Looked At Me

Back from a week-and-then-some in Florida with the wife and kid, and boy, are my arms tired. Also pretty damn ill, with a fluxuating fever and a head thick as a brick. Ears have been stopped up since we left. Got three hours of sleep Friday night to catch a 3 a.m. airport shuttle; drove back yesterday through thick fog, internal and ex-. It's warm for a New England winter, but that's still forty degrees colder than even the evenings last week.

The cumulative effect is that the world is more distant by half, more surreal than the haze remaining outside. It's raining, I think, on the low roofs and eaves, but I can't even hear it.

But work's faint call grows stronger -- I've plenty of long-overdue papers to grade tomorrow. So the full procrastination-driven deep-thought report on Florida, family and fun (and illustrative pix to prove it!), including perhaps a booklist, and surely a major photoblog or two (a day at the beach; the verycool house) will have to wait.

For now, a shortform post-dated itenerary, tentatively titled Where I've Been.


A.M. Pack; drive to Newton for lunch with parents.

P.M. Parents drive us to airport. Two hours in terminal, two in the air, three in Charlotte airport riding the moving walkways with the baby, two in air again. Land in Ft. Lauderdale after midnight. Cab to Days Inn with noisy Tiki Bar in center. Nosebleed. Bed.


A.M. Rent car. Breakfast with Great-Aunt Lil in Ft. Lauderdale.

P.M. Drive to West Palm Beach. Move in to gorgeous rental place. Read while Willow naps with Darcie in J.P. Morgan's bed. City Place for grocery shopping and fancy supper. Read on porch after Darcie and Willow go to sleep. Bed.


A.M. Home visit and out to lunch with my paternal grandparents.

P.M. Read, nap. Sand and sunset on Palm Beach. Dinner at townhouse -- sausage on grill, corn on the cob. Solo walk around neighborhood; read on porch. Bed.


A.M. Nearby Cuban bakery for coffee and pastries. Beach again -- sand, and swimming a bit. Leftover lunch.

P.M. Willow and darcie nap; I go to City Place for book shopping. Grandparents over for dinner in townhouse; Darcie cooks chicken. Porchreading. Bed.


A.M. Lion Country Safari rocks our world.

P.M. Epanadas and coffee, more book shopping while Darcie and Willow nap. Lobster Tacos and ribs at Cayenne in City Place (Willow has fries and pepperidge farm goldfish); playing in the fountains and a horse carriage ride. Porchreading while fireworks go up in the backyard; bed.


A.M. Beach again. Early nap/reading.

P.M. Grandparents house, and a dip in their community center swimming pool before a last three-generation dinner. More bookshopping. More porchreading. More bed.


A.M. Pack and chat with townhouse owner Gregory. Twice-leftover lunch.

P.M. Nap. Read. Leave. Drive back to Ft. Lauderdale. Italian dinner with Lil. Check in at no-longer-Hilton hotel. Return car; take shuttle to airport; take shuttle from airport to hotel. Drunken hot tub. Crash.


A.M. Stagger to airport. Wait for ticket counter to open; board plane; fall asleep. Wake in Charlotte; ride walkways; board plane; read.

P.M. Picked up by parents at airport for lunch out, play in. Nap. Drive blearily home. Crash.


A.M. Shopping. Sick.

P.M. More sick. Blogging. Sleep to follow.

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