Sunday, January 18, 2004


It occurs to me that vote-based link heirarchies are self-perpetuating. For example, if you go to -- where I am currently at the top of blorgy's Most Highly Rated list -- and gave my recent blogentry Teaching As A Subversive Activity a 4 or 5 score, my position at the top of said list would last until the post is two weeks old, and thus no longer eligible. If I wasn't there on the list to point to, you'd have a harder time doing that.

Also contributing to this phenomenon: more people are likely to visit that post if it's featured so prominently. As long as it's decent, then its status gets reinforced. Inversely, if it can't be found, it gets missed by strangers.

Much cooler: it seems I not only have succeeded in hovering, albeit temporarily, at the top of the list overnight, thus rating Blog of the Moment status for the site, but in doing so for long enough (or perhaps enough times?) I've actually rated a site-specific icon of my own:

Thanks to the good folks at blorgy for doing the dirty work here; readers of all types are invited to beg, borrow, or steal said icon, as long as they attribute it properly.

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