Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Headachy and bored at work in the library information commons, trying too hard to make yesterday's draft/notes about my trip up to the top of the chapel belltower with Leon the custodian imbued with some serious metaphoric meaning about history and our place in it. Trying so hard, in fact, that the entry I'm trying to write is falling apart, and my head's begun pounding so hard it hurts.

So I wrote this one instead.

I know why I'm trying so hard: it's that damn blorgy.com rating system, which has, I now realize, crept under my skin, raising the subjective stakes for blogging, as if I shouldn't try to write something serious and good and essay-esque unless I'm willing to sweat blood to get it there. As if the word essai didn't mean to try.

You know you're writing for the wrong reasons when you've got blogwriter's block. Maybe it's time to let this one go for a while.

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