Thursday, December 11, 2003

Where's Wednesday?

Though I usually try to blog daily, two weeks of twelve-hour days caught up with me last night with a vengance. Brainfog and fever, in the 102 range, hit hard by the end of my 2-4 class on Reality Television, despite a poorly timed nap beforehand. I chose to sleep early, and stand by that choice.

Had I actually been on the ball, I would have done my second favorite meme, which, in the spirit of the holidays, this week asks:

What's on your wish list right now?

  • Books and videos from my wish list, especially the short film collections from the Mystery Science 3000 series.

  • TiVo.

  • Cable modem/broadband (Darn 28.8 modem...argh).

  • Snow Tires for the Boat...I mean, the Grand Marquis.

  • One of those portable USB data storage thingies that hang on a keychain.

  • Brown leather Gloves

  • Happy scarves, the kind that hang down to just below the belt.

  • Ties.

  • dress clothes in general, check with Darcie for sizes.

  • Yet another one of those 250 CD-sized disk carriers.

  • Time with family (yes, you count as family, Shaw).

  • Babysitting commitments so I can have a date with my wife.

  • Fraggle Rock videos (these are hard to find, but I'd love you forever if you can locate some in decent shape).

  • Mp3 player of some sort, if you insist.

  • Music is always welcome, especially new contemporary folk and live jamband stuff, the Roots Music: An American Journey 4 CD set from Rounder Records.

Oh, and world peace. Cash is always nice, too.

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