Saturday, December 13, 2003

Sometimes I Feel Like A Photoless Blog

If I wasn't such a lazy bastard when it came to preserving the pastandpresent, I'd post photos. Instead, I don't even keep the camera charged. But here's what I'd be snap-download-and-posting if I did:
  • Willow chasing a fly on the windowpane.

  • The Christmas tree. In the soflit dark.

  • The stack of nestling boxes piled up like a symmetrical cubist's tree in victorian colors, and the white and red roses beside them on the shelf over by the window.

These next pic sets, on the other hand, already exist. They't seem to be online yet. Of their thousand words, here's a dozen or so each to whet your appetite.
  • Those damn pictures from Bangladesh I should have posted in August.

  • That cool escheresque picture of the teeming salmon runs on the Alaskan coast.

  • That other cool escheresque picture of the blue ice river cutting through the glacier at our feet.

In my defense, I'm on a dial-up. Do you know how long it takes to upload a picture to blogger at 28.8?

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