Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Ow, Quit It*

The terrifying trend towards national oversight of Political Correctness taken to a new low this week with the announcement of a $3.4 million federal campaign to combat bullying in schools, playgrounds, and other spaces once considered under the oversight of local community members such as parents and teachers. CNN sez:
With an expected start next year, the effort will frame bullying as a public health concern, targeting kids and the adults who influence them.

1. Anyone else out there nervous about that last phrase? I've set aside ten dollars of my own hard-earned cash for he first overworked teacher to get "targeted" merely because they failed to stop the low-end taunts they couldn't see or hear in the corners of their overenrolled classrooms, 'cause you better believe they're going to need the bail money.

2. I can hear it now: You better leave me alone, or I'm telling the Federal Goverment on you.

3. Get your government regulations out of my community already, damn it. And people ask why I'm a Republican. Sheesh.

* Obscure Simpson's reference, and bonus points if you already knew that, you pop culturist, you.

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