Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Nothin’ But Net

Meet Jaime and Ally. They're BFFs!*

I should be grading, or preparing for class, or I suppose writing Kiernan’s college recommendation, or typing up those notes from that Library/Media staff meeting way back before Thanksgiving, or crunching the data on last term’s instructional work with teachers and classes for a long-overdue end-of-term report. Heck, I get up at 6:15; I should be sleeping.

But a slight fever led to an emergency midafternoon nap instead of work. I’m left rested and getting tired; not out-like-a-light yet, but illness affords a convenient justification for laziness and procrastination.

Too, a sucker’s instinct towards generosity when my students suggested that they didn’t understand the reading on which today’s half-class quiz was supposed to be based prompted a rehash of the difference between Culturalism and the Culture and Civilization tradition instead of the quiz. I’m left prepared for my morning class almost by accident, and with plenty of time to review material on the evolution of Reality TV for my afternoon class while the baby takes a nap in the afternoon of the half-day-off Wednesday I get in trade for an extra evening shift Monday nights.

So, yeah, I should be working. But sitting on the couch snarfing nutmeg and blueberry teacake leftovers from Sunday’s snowstorm is better. Better still: when you’re a media teacher, watching MTV’s Rich Girls counts as professional development. Heck, so does blogging. Now get off my case, man.

*Sub-blog (or perhaps metablog)

1. I have no idea what this means. Big Friendly Fillies? Boy Friend Finders? Bilateral Fig-Friskers? Battlefish Farouk? Anyway, MTV says so.

2. Original caption for this picture was A day of shopping has worn the girls out. Spending money is such hard work.

3. In addition to being BFFs, incidentally, the girls are so vapid they make Paris Hilton look like Nicole Richie. How's that for a reality television in-joke.

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