Tuesday, December 09, 2003

The Moon Is Bright And Round And Cold

Tonight, but I am getting old,
And sitting too long in my chair
Makes aches appear where none were there
Before. So I will make this playlist quick
That I may get out under it --
By which I mean the wondrous moon
Is beckoning, and I will soon
Be on the road an hour from dreams,
Seven from class, the moon agleam
On the icy road I travel slow
With just a few more miles to go.

Tonight's bedtime stories -- we read them on the hour and the half hour each week, by which I mean I read them, since I do this solo now that Ginny's living too far away and too broke for gas to come up Monday nights to hang about the radio station -- were a bunch of winter poems by Robert Frost, and the scansion's stuck in my head. Can you tell?

Between the poems, here's what I played.

Bob Dorough -- Too Much Coffee Man
Girlyman -- Postcards From mexico
Chris Ardoin -- Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher and Higher)
Ben Harper -- Steal My Kisses
Wild Cherry -- Play That Funky Music
Domestic Problems -- I'm A Line
Sam Phillips -- I Need Love
Eddie From Ohio -- Quick
Rice, Rice, Hillman and Pedersen -- Friend Of The Devil
Alison Krauss -- Every Time You Say Goodbye
Tony Furtado w/ Tim O'Brien -- Man Of Constant Sorrow
Marianne Faithful --I'm Into Something Good
Timbuk 3 -- The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
String Cheese Incident -- take Five
Robert Randolph and the Family Band -- The March
Los Lobos -- I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
Glen Phillips -- Have A Little Fun With Me
Trout Fishing In America -- Something Sweet
Sarah Harmer -- Uniform Grey
Mark Erelli -- Take My Ashes To The River
Johnny Cash -- Hurt
Deb Talan -- Two Points
Maria Sangiolo -- The Cherry Tree Carol
Dave Carter and Tracy Grammar -- Merlin's Lament
Gone Phishin' -- Fast Enough For You

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