Wednesday, December 03, 2003


She calls them beebles.

1. What's on my 'favorite things to do' list right now?
  • Teach.

  • Sleep.

  • Watch bad television and call it professional development (it's good to be the Media and Communications teacher).

  • Eat well, of any persuasion or ethnicity.

  • Sit in the dark basement radio station sending out music, bedtime stories and Tributary, your ten to midnight Monday night program here on WNMH 91.5 fm serving Northfield, Gill, Keene, Brattleboro, and you
  • .
  • Have contests, especially when someone calls in to win.

  • Stay up late in big empty rooms while my family sleeps.

  • Paste ladybug stickers on my forehead to make the baby laugh.

  • Dance with the baby.

  • Hug the baby.

  • Get hugged back.

2. Not technically a meme, listlover This Fish sparks Julia to list things that comfort me and bring me joy (a comfortable sort of joyousness). My internal jury seems to be still out on this one, mostly because I'm sure I'll miss a bunch, but certainly family, clean and cleanly pressed khakis and chambray shirts, and that look a student gets when they get it, are in the top five.

3. Also similar-but-not-the-same listpremise found at This Fish: The Things I Love. (An ongoing project kept by This Fish on various post-it notes, supposedly.) I'm not sure this is something that works if you try it off the cuff, either -- am thinking, in fact, that this might be the next 30 Things-level list -- but I know, somewhere on that list, there will have to be Fraggles. And Silly Putty. And my daughter's word for ladybugs.

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