Sunday, December 21, 2003

Hoist By Their Own Petition

Now that the numbers are going against them, you gotta feel sorry for the American Family Association, that religious right-leaning organization behind the infamous homosexual marriage poll.

I mean, it's clear they thought all along that they were proudly standing up for a silent majority. They way they present their poll, well, it's as if they were going to march into Congress, new anti-marriage amendment draft in hand, armed with the will of the people writ large.

Imagine how terrifyingly alone you'd feel at the growing realization that most people in the entire country don't like you, or agree with your ideas.

And to find out on your own dime -- kinda rubbing your face in it, eh?

Plus, now that the poll's so public, it's not like the AFA can walk away from their threat without seeming even stupider. The poll's out of their hands, now, bound for congress one way or another no matter what it says about what we think we want. It'll show congress a nation divided, but primarily in favor of no-wishy-washy-unions homosexual marriage.

And this seems like a no-brainer. The dam's burst; the AFA slowly loses ground. This is news anymore? Heck, we were just invited to a gay wedding today.

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