Friday, December 26, 2003

Based On The Book By Howard Rheingold

Metablog Smart Mobs, nominally a continuation/reflection/reaction of/to Rheingold's Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution, is a stellar model of that spare and linguistically sparse manner unique to blogging. Dense with links and fat with well-grounded thoughtful idealism, the site is divided into especially interesting categories [e.g. Technologies of Cooperation; How to Recognize the Future When It Lands On You; The Era Of Sentient Things; Always-On Panopticon...or Cooperation Amplifier]. Some posts (and some categories) are a bit techie, but others are quite insightful, cyberculture-speaking-wise.

Found in a midafternoon webwander, via an offhand reference at Alex's, and subsequently via two of my favorites: first, online metablog and directory of wonderful things boingboing, and then Utne, who recently awarded Smart Mobs an Utne Independent Press Award for best online cultural coverage. Added to bookmark list immediately. Good reading for a New Year's break.

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