Friday, December 26, 2003

And A Happy New Year

Having a wonderful time storming the castle -- wish you were here!

We're off for a week in the Palm Beach sun! Darcie's found us a lovely townhouse with two porches, and though we're all of us melanin-challenged we do hope to spend some serious and slathered hours with wet squinchy sand between our toes.

Officially, of course, we're there to see Mom's Aunt Lil, and my Father's parents. We'll probably have dinner with each a few times. Also pencilled in: drivethrough animal preserve Lion Country Safari, a few other local zoos and aquariums, and the Playmobil-themed Fun Park for toddlers (pictured above). And plenty of afternoons on the beach, of course. Should be a fairly decent vacation, once we make it past the three-hour layover in North Carolina.

Back January 3rd in time for a Monday Mosh. Enjoy the fireworks!

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