Tuesday, November 25, 2003

What I Should Be Doing Right Now
  • Writing Molly’s college recommendation.
  • Typing and posting the minutes of the end-of-term library/media department meeting.

  • Preparing for the first week of HIS321 Media Literacy
    > Rereading An Introductory Guide to Cultural Theory and Popular Culture.
    > Clarifying curriculum and pedagogy for the first four days of the course.
    > Picking a definitively paradigmatic film for the fifties.
    > Contacting currently-teaching alumni to see about class visits.
  • Napping, like I told Darcie I would do while she and Willow are up in Brattleboro at her mother’s house.

What I Am Doing
  • Blogging.

  • Reading The New Yorker and, when I’m finished, Newsweek.

  • Watching the wall beside my chair, where a shadow of a bird eating suet at the birdfeeder bobs and pecks at the shadow of my shoulder.

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