Thursday, November 20, 2003

Pre-teens (and books about pre-teens) On The Web
now updated to complete the trifecta!

1. Cyberbullying is nothing new, but setting up a website to solicit/engender abuse of junior high girls by bored strangers seems pretty extreme.

2. According to the author of a new book about middle school kids, The most shocking thing, the single most shocking five-second thing, is to see a bunch of 12-year-olds freak dance, which really begs the question of pre-teen stamina: if twelve year olds can't get it on for more than five seconds at a time, the race is officially doomed, isn't it. Of course, in other news, a thinly veiled advertisement about the publication of this book is being presented as news by CNN.

3. Half of sixth grade students have seen at least one R rated movie; three quarters have seen one by 7th or 8th grade; most (76 per cent) of the Grade 7 students who had seen unsuitable videos watched them at home. Numbers expected to approach 100 percent as broadband becomes as common as television.

Sorry for the short posts this week, folks -- we're in the throes of finals here. Should be plenty of time to blog once the kids are officially gone tomorrow afternoon.

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