Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Mymy Meme

My favorite meme (well, except this one) has honored me by featuring my suggested weekly memetheme. The least I could do would be to take it out for a spin myself:

What's On the tip of your tongue Right Now?

Figuratively: The name of that guy who wrote that book I read in Kate Ratcliff's American Studies course up at Marlboro College. You know, that book. The one by the theory guy. I've been trying to remember his name all week. Argh -- what the hell was it? It's been on the tip of my tongue so long it's giving my front teeth cavities.

Generally: Pretty much everything, given the right context. I get performance anxiety when talking to people in all but the most public of settings; it tends to cut off the blood supply to that brainpart which otherwise monitors outgoing messages for stupidity. I once actually said "Yeah, but you can't escape the "stink" of IT" to my department supervisor in a department meeting.

Literally: An under-roasted pumpkin seed caught behind a molar. Also, of course, taste buds.

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