Sunday, November 09, 2003

Monday Mosh!

After a weekend of relax and meander, Monday is too often chock full of hurry up and wait, mostly while seated. The meeting couldn’t go any slower. A short walk to lunch leads to a long wait for food. From the traffic on the drive to the office to all that butt-tingling time at the desk, it’s all about the sitting down. With a tip o’ the hat to mrs_fezziwig, we proudly present this week’s memetheme:

Mosh from a seated position.

Bonus points will be granted for choice of seat (comfort and style) and for creativity in incorporating the chair itself into your Mosh routine.

Ready? Go. (Leave comments below.)

How to do the Monday Mosh:

As always, participants answer three questions in their blog and then post their results and/or a link in the comments below.

What song did you pick, and why?
What did you step on / bump into? (Bonus points for breakage)
Why did you stop?

I’ve already done mine, if you need an example. Or there's always the Moshrules.

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