Thursday, November 13, 2003


After a second look at what's on top of my bedroom dresser, I find that my memory is a bit off. Here's an updated list, with updated items listed first:
  • A dozen finepoint pens of various colors and brand.

  • One of those maple-leaf-shaped glass tourist bottles of locally-made maple syrup.

  • One rock of unknown origin.

  • Last week's issues of the New Yorker and Newsweek.

  • A half-a-bread-loaf-sized green paper box (no, I have no idea what's in it).

  • My graduate school diploma, still in its green cardboard folder-thingie; also, right behind it, my City Year graduation certificate, circa 1993.

  • A handful of hair scrunchies in light blue cotton, maroon silk, and shimmery black.

  • A brown half-glazed decorative ceramic bowl full of change, hair ties, shirt buttons, collar stays, and matchbooks from random recently-visited restaurants.

  • One folded pair of clean Eddie Bauer stonewashed classic cut jeans that should probably be in the bottommost drawer but haven't made it there yet.

  • A wooden-framed picture of my father and me, both heavily sunburned from a sunny day off the coast of Mount Desert Island in Maine, holding a plate of freshly-caught mackarel.

  • Some other equally-important photos I can't remember. (and that would be why I can't remember them, I guess).

  • The ancient cordless phone that we had to take off the bedside table because the baby kept calling people.

  • A plastic bag filled with crumpled newspapers from Bangladesh once used as packing filler for a set of paper mache ducks. (oops -- looks like the cleaning lady threw it away!)

Also, have you seen The Meatrix? Thanks to a much-missed Azra, who I really should contact more often, for passing it along.

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