Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Down In Fraggle Rock

Muppets on acid, says VH1's Remember The 80's

It's pouring outside the empty library, and I can't get the Fraggle Rock theme song out of my head. Could be because I'm getting a bit sick of watching the same nine Muppets tapes over and over again with Willow, I suppose. But it might be because I'm just feeling old these days, missing my adolescence all over again, thinking about nostalgia as a cultural phenomenon for my course next term.

Unfortunately, all the Fraggle Rock videos at are out of stock -- permanently, I'd guess. Quizilla seems to think I'm Red, when I always thought of myself as mostly Wembley, with a little Mokey thrown in for good measure. And other than a couple of pics, some old scripts and rare musical cheatsheets, and those old PVC Fraggle-in-a-vegetable-vehicle Happy Meal handouts from the late eighties, there's not much in the way of content at the otherwise well-intentioned Unofficial Fraggle Rock Site.

Like all nostalgia searches, prompting the memory proved elusive, perhaps reinforcing the sad truth that the past is best preserved in mind, idealizations and all. Still, it was fun to have a few moments of peace in an otherwise drab day to search the universe, and stir the cobwebs from that deep unused segement of my brain reserved entirely for Doozers, Madame Trash Heap, and the odd postcard from Uncle Matt in Paris. As an added bonus, here's some wise words from Boober:

If you find a flat pebble, throw it in the air and you will have all the pebbles you want for the rest of the day.

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