Sunday, November 23, 2003

Away Message*

Hello, you've reached boyhowdy, sole proprietor of Not All Who Wander Are Lost. I'm not here right now -- if indeed there is a "here" in cyberspace, subjectively speaking -- instead, I'm on a family overnight to the lower reaches of New England (a region which, for our foreign readers, once of whom asked if New England was in Australia, includes Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine). I hope to be back by midday Monday, just in time for a before-supper Monday Mosh. Until then, why not check out what I was blogging about exactly one year today?

*Written from a cable modem somewhere on the Rhode Island shoreline while Darcie and Willow sit on the couch and watch fiss!, known to most adult humans as Finding Nemo, which a still-missing Clay left sitting on top of her VCR, which we arrived at later than expected after getting lost on our way from the very-cool Mystic Aquarium. Finding the open back door was easy. Man, I hate my at-home dial-up.

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