Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Spinning Into The Wind: Tributary 10/06/03

Though the students don't begin to return until midafternoon tomorrow, it didn't feel like a Monday without Tributary, your ten to midnight Monday night show here on 91.5 WNMH serving Northfield, Gill, Keene, and Brattleboro. So I went. Other than one random guy who called and asked for some Warren Zevon, the lines were silent, but I had my groove on: I knew you were out there, and thanks for the vibes. Let's let the tunes speak for themselves tonight, eh?

Bob Dorough -- Too Much Coffee Man
Warren Zevon -- Don't Let Us Be Sick
*Warren Zevon -- Casey Jones
Disco Biscuits -- M.E.M.P.H.I.S
Phish -- Poor Heart
Skavoovie and the Epitones -- Fat Soul
Sam Phillips -- I Need Love
Keller Williams -- Best Feeling
*Leslie King -- Money
Girlyman -- Even If
Kasey Chambers -- On A Bad Day
The Waifs -- London Still
John Gorka -- Like My Watch
Patty Griffin -- Time Will Do The Talking
*Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem -- Big Black Bird
Chris Smither -- The Devil's Real
Soggy Bottom Boys -- I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
Dar Williams -- Are You Out There
*Dixie Chicks -- Top Of The World
Peter Gabriel -- Love To Be Loved
*Angelique Kidjo -- Voodoo Child
Suzanne Vega -- Blood Makes Noise
*Be Good Tanyas -- Rain And Snow
*Brooks Williams -- May You Never

* As always, the first reader to correctly identify the original artists of all starred entries wins a small but real gift certificate to the paypal or amazon.com account of their choice. Seriously.

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