Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Long day and a half and not much to show for it that's not been said before. That, and exhaustion began to set in about an hour into dorm duty this evening; despite pepsi after pepsi, by the time study hall ended at 10:00 my brain had begin to melt. A few boring quickbits from my manic humdrumness over the past 48:

...they're finally drilling a hole in the marble wall base behind the Information Commons desk; the network and power drops should be in by my weekly stop-by on Friday. Amidst the grinding drillnoise held a meeting with teachers of new and required 9th grade History course, sold them on using me and my presentation on how media stereotypes and iconography reform and refocus in times of national crisis in their unit on Terrorism. Technology and media curriculum I designed and worked into the curriculum now a major component of five required 9th grade courses plus multidisciplinary electronic portfolio; I win.

...the food's been good. Cold homemade meatballs in front of the tube late last night, sausage-and-swiss omelette breakfast out at the new place in town this morning while errand-running, Chinese for supper -- a suprise from the family -- and then Darcie made homemade applesauce, and why is homemade applesauce always red? moment tonight listening to two kids explain acceptability of their mutual (and already tense) attraction to and subsequent smooching of same girl: Oh, it's okay, she has a serious boyfriend at home. I miss so many things about adolescence, but the way the half-formed brain does the relationship thing isn't one of them.

...Things with Willow getting a little bit better. Things with laundry [see below] getting a little bit stupid. Empty apartment below us promised to some random guy we just hired to adjunct some winter term sport who needs a place to crash a couple nights a week -- a disappointment, as we had hoped to take over the downstairs two-roomer ourselves if no one needed it this year.

...Molly flipping out completely, almost as if about to go manic, about college and the weight of the world it seems to come with (but actually doesn't, even if it feels like that). Oh, and musn't forget to start meeting kids to talk about writing their college rec letters. Hint for teachers: If you take 'em out for breakfast on Saturdays and take notes, all you have to do is type it all up afterwards and your letters come out great!

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