Sunday, October 05, 2003

Remaindered Ideas

Finally came to terms with the fact that I'm a lazy bastard, far too unmotivated to make use of these get-rich-quick ideas that've been keeping me up nights, so I'm letting 'em go cheap. Each is a kind of pop culture killer app, a gem and a genius, if I do say so myself; if you manage to make anything of one or more of them, all I ask is the credit. And, oh, lets say 5% of the gross. And yes, I know some of them actually exist, but I swear I thought of them first.

Idea #1: My Other Shirt Is A ______. We're all familiar with these self-referent bumper stickers. Making it a shirt-related conceit calls to this lightly humorous pop-culture-istic laugh-at-the-consumerism phenom, but adds a new layer in that the very idea of having only two shirts (implied by "other") is itself farcical. Like with the bumper stickers, possible "fill in the blanks" might include socioeconomic affiliation (my other shirt says Subway), the masquerade of status (my other shirt is a pinstripe oxford), even sentiments of socio-religious freedom (my other shirt has a cowl). Also, my other shirt is also dirty.

Idea #2: Ancient Egyptian Wheel Of Fortune (or Wheel of Bast). I envision this as a single cartoon panel: humor is found through Vanna White's typically King-Tut, right-angled manner of gesturing to the turned-over symbols, as well as the graphic dynamics of the ecologically-grounded iconographic symbols themselves. But the coup de grace is a caption clearly indicated to represent a peasant-type contestant's voice, via punchline, of course: what else but Pat, I'd like to buy an owl.

Idea #3: "Digital Browsing" Refrigerators. The original theory here was to simply produce a fridge with a clear door, thus allowing for adolescent and midnight-snack browsing without the traditional loss of energy and freon. It took me a while to realize that, unless you dropped the usual door-rack and butter-and-egg cases from the model to compensate, condiments would block the view. However a digital solution, in which one can have several cameras, and view one's still-cool food via a split screen showing images from each section of the fridge, has much better potential.

Idea #4: Transformation and Rejuvenation of the Pure Form of Hip Hop. Two words: Iambic pentameter. Man, I'm such a genius.

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